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I acknowledge the limits placed on access to the Gongwer News Service - Michigan Report as part of the contractual agreement between the state and Gongwer News Service, and agree that I will not forward emails received by me from Gongwer News Service to any other person or group, nor forward the content of those emails to any other person or group, nor will I forward or share my individual username and password to the online Gongwer system to any other person or group. I also acknowledge and agree that any violations of these terms by me or others obtaining access to the report through me will result in my access to the Michigan Report being terminated. THIS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND AGREEMENT MUST BE MADE FOR THE STATE EMPLOYEE TO HAVE ACCESS TO THE MICHIGAN REPORT.

Access to the Gongwer News Service site is also reserved to certain departments. You should check with your department's administration to determine if you can be granted access. Requests for access from non-subscribing departments will be rejected.