Rep. Jeff Yaroch

3 Terms
House District 33
797 HOB
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Biographical Information

Home Address: 35545 Pound Road, Richmond, MI  48062
Born: October 18, 1970 in Mount Clemens
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Sara
Children: Reagan and Madison
Education: Associates degree, Fire Science, Macomb Community College; bachelor's degree in Human Resources Management, Baker College; Juris Doctorate, Western Michigan University Cooley Law School
Employment/Military Record: State Representative, paramedic, attorney and former firefighter
Governmental Leadership (Elected or Appointed):
Michigan House 33rd District 2020
General Vote: 39,429 of 55,967 (70%)
Primary Vote: 13,557 of 13,557 (100%)
Campaign Finance Reports

Michigan House 33rd District 2018
General Vote: 25,929 of 39,794 (65%)
Primary Vote: 9,306 of 9,306 (100%)
Campaign Finance Reports
Endorsements: Right to Life of Michigan, Michigan Farm Bureau AgriPac, AFL-CIO, Michigan Chamber of Commerce, Michigan Realtors

Michigan House 33rd District 2016
General Vote: 30,295 of 43,282 (69%)
Primary Vote: 3,161 of 8,236 (38%)
Campaign Finance Reports
Endorsements: Michigan Farm Bureau AgriPac Committee, Right to Life of Michigan (joint endorsement with four other candidates in Republican primary), Michigan Agri-Business Association AGRI-BIZ PAC, the County Road Association of Michigan RUSH-PAC, Michigan Education Association, Associated Food and Petroleum Dealers, Michigan Laborers' District Council

Other Offices: Richmond City Council, 1999-2016
Political Activities: Republican Precinct Delegate; Appropriations Committee Member; Approps Sub Committee Chair LARA and DIFS, Approps Sub Committee Vice Chair Transportation, Member of Approps Sub Committees Judiciary, Member of Approps Sub Committees DHHS
Community Activities: Richmond Lions member

Committee Assignments
Key Legislative Staff
Marla Braun, Legislative Aide/Policy Services
Elizabeth Forton, Legislative Aide/Constituent Services

Sponsored Legislation
Public Employees
Unicameral Nonpartisan Legislature
Board of Education Members
HB 4087
PA 95
Emergency Reserve
HB 4172
PA 129
Occupational Cancer
HB 4240
Asset Forfeiture
HB 4320
Electoral Votes
HB 4404
LARA Budget
HB 4405
DIFS Budget
HB 4434
Federal Unemployment Aid
HB 4544
Transportation Fund
HB 4545
Transportation Funds
HB 4625
Property Tax
HB 4666
Manufactured Homes
HB 4794
Immunization Records
HB 4885
Public Officers
HB 4886
Income Tax
HB 4975
HB 5088
Art Institute Authority
HB 5114
Budget and Management
HB 5115
Medical First Responders
HB 5141
Local Financial Stability
HB 5266
EMS Personnel
HB 5331
HB 5332
HB 5561
Emergency Responder Radio
HB 5659
PA 117
Nursing Home Facilities
HB 5660
PA 118
Adult Foster Care
HB 5786
Insurance and Financial Services Appropriations
HB 5792
Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Appropriations
HB 6085
Immobilization and Demobilization Plan
HB 6086
Emergency Medical Services Personnel
HB 6101
Septic Tanks
HB 6135
Election Officials
HB 6183
Education Curriculum
HB 6212
Fire Prevention
HB 6223
School Board Member Terms
HB 6224
Occupational Fees
HB 6239
Millage Elections
HB 6240
Millage Elections
HB 6241
Township Board Elections
HB 6278
School Districts
HB 6292
Child Interrogations
HB 6293
Seller Disclosure Statement
HB 6294
HB 6295
Highway Jurisdiction
HB 6296
Fiscal/Operational Stress
HB 6304
Fire Safety
HB 6360
Worker's Compensation
HB 6361
Aeronautics Code
HB 6362
HB 6371
No-Fault Insurance
HB 6418
Health Education
HB 6419
Liquor Licenses
HR 12
Fire Fighter Cancer Awareness
HR 17
Omphalocele Awareness
HR 158
HR 208
Commemorative Resolution
HR 299
Week Designation
HR 342
Condemning of Speaker Pelosi
Residential Areas
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