Rep. Gary Eisen

(R-Saint Clair Township)
2 Terms
House District 81
1185 HOB
Official Website

Current Candidate Information

Michigan House 64th District
Sanilac (part), St. Clair (part)

CTE Gary Eisen
R-Saint Clair Township
6350 Rattle Run, St. Clair, MI 48079
(586) 531-3304
Campaign Finance Reports
Endorsements: ABC of Michigan PAC (primary); Michigan Retailers Association (primary)

Primary Vote: 3,286 of 12,497 (26%)

Biographical Information

Home Address: 6350 Rattle Run, Saint Clair Township, MI  48079
Born: February 1, 1955 in St. Clair
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Annie
Children: Zachary and Bethany
Education: St. Clair High School, 1 year at St. Clair Community college; Graduated from Winona Technical College with welding technology degree / diploma
Employment/Military Record: Forty two years small business owner of Eisen, Inc., which specializes in welding, fabrication and repairs.
Governmental Leadership (Elected or Appointed):
Michigan House 81st District 2020
General Vote: 33,241 of 48,531 (68%)
Primary Vote: 10,276 of 14,214 (72%)
Campaign Finance Reports

Michigan House 81st District 2018
General Vote: 22,811 of 35,941 (63%)
Primary Vote: 2,659 of 10,928 (24%)
Campaign Finance Reports

Michigan House 81st District 2012
Primary Vote: 2,232 of 8,510 (26%)
Campaign Finance Reports

Community Activities: National sports chair for AAU USA Target shooting; Teaches American warrior martial arts classes; Firearm instructor
Religion: Christian

Committee Assignments
Key Legislative Staff
Nancy Bareham, Legislative Aide/Policy Services
Kyle Harris, Legislative Aide/Constituent Services

Sponsored Legislation
HB 4006
Pistol-Free Zones
HB 4007
First Responders
HB 4008
Vaccine Exemptions
HB 4009
First Responders
HB 4010
Open Carry
HB 4011
Concealed Carry
HB 4012
Concealed Carry
HB 4013
Concealed Pistols
HB 4026
PA 96
Recreation Passports
HB 4027
Weapon-Free Zones
HB 4068
Weapon-Free Zones
HB 4327
Temporary Speed Limits
HB 4328
Transportation Funding
HB 4529
Helmet Requirement
HB 4572
Assualt and Battery
HB 4573
Assault and Battery
HB 4717
CPL License
HB 4718
Concealed Weapons
HB 4831
HB 4966
Election Procedures
HB 5272
Traffic Control
HB 5352
Mandated Vaccinations
HB 5457
Immunization Exemption
HB 5458
COVID-19 Vaccine
HB 5464
Food Assistance
HB 5699
Open Meetings
HB 5722
School Aid Requirements
HB 5740
Senior Citizen Hunting License
HB 5902
Hunting Regulations
HB 5903
Gun-Free Zones
HB 5904
Sentencing Guidelines
HB 6022
County Road Rally Lottery
HB 6171
Personal Mobile Devices
HB 6213
HB 6321
Safety and Security Training
HB 6333
School Safety Guardian Program
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