Mike Simpson

Biographical Information

Born: December 11, 1962 in Ypsilanti
Marital Status: Married
Children: Andrea, Jason, Gina (deceased)
Education: High school
Employment/Military Record: Owner of Poppa's Place restaurant in Brooklyn; vice president of Simpson Trucking Inc.; served in the Army for six years
Community Activities: Active in Chamber of Commerce, Michigan Restaurant Association
Religion: Catholic

Governmental Leadership (Elected or Appointed)

House (1/1/2007 - 12/18/2009)
Other Offices: Elected to state House in 2006 (<a href=http://miboecfr.nicusa.com/election/results/06PRI/08065000.html target=blank>Primary Election results</a>, <a href=http://miboecfr.nicusa.com/election/results/06GEN/08065000.html target=blank>General Election results</a>); unsuccessful candidate for state House in 2004; unsuccessful candidate for U.S. House in 2002

Elections and Political Participation

Michigan House 65th District 2008
General Vote: 25,444 of 40,203 (63%)
Primary Vote: 2,793 of 3,456 (80%)
Campaign Finance Reports

Michigan House 65th District 2006
General Vote: 16,721 of 31,844 (52%)
Primary Vote: 2,577 of 2,577 (100%)
Campaign Finance Reports

Michigan House 65th District 2004
General Vote: 18,915 of 38,929 (48%)
Primary Vote: 2,431 of 2,431 (100%)

U.S. House 7th District 2002
General Vote: 78,412 of 203,069 (38%)
Primary Vote: 35,072 of 35,072 (100%)

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