Lee Gonzales

Biographical Information

Born: February 19, 1950 in Floresville, Texas
Marital Status: Married
Children: Ehren, Gretchen and Elijah; 1 grandchild
Education: Master's degree in public administration and bachelor's degree from the University of Michigan Flint; studied state and local government at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.
Community Activities: Univeristy of Michigan-Flint Alumni Board of Directors; METRO Housing Board of Directors
Religion: Catholic

Governmental Leadership (Elected or Appointed)

House (1/1/2005 - 12/31/2010)
Other Offices: Re-elected to House in 2006 (ampchrlt;a href=http://miboecfr.nicusa.com/election/results/06PRI/08049000.html target=blankampchrgt;Primary Election resultsampchrlt;/aampchrgt;, ampchrlt;a href=http://miboecfr.nicusa.com/election/results/06GEN/08049000.html target=blankampchrgt;General Election resultsampchrlt;/aampchrgt;); first elected in 2004 (ampchrlt;a href=http://miboecfr.nicusa.com/election/results/04PRI/08049000.html target=blankampchrgt;Primary Election resultsampchrlt;/aampchrgt;, ampchrlt;a href=http://miboecfr.nicusa.com/election/results/04GEN/08049000.html target=blankampchrgt;General Election resultsampchrlt;/aampchrgt;)

Elections and Political Participation

Michigan House 49th District 2008
General Vote: 32,653 of 32,653 (100%)
Primary Vote: 5,013 of 6,537 (76%)
Campaign Finance Reports

Michigan House 49th District 2006
General Vote: 22,637 of 30,088 (75%)
Primary Vote: 8,939 of 8,939 (100%)
Campaign Finance Reports

Michigan House 49th District 2004
General Vote: 26,865 of 38,420 (69%)
Primary Vote: 4,803 of 11,890 (40%)

Political Activities: Member of the Hispanic Caucus of Genesee County

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